New Client Chris Bartolini Melts Over 1 Inch Of Fat Off Stomach – 16 Week Body / Life Transformation

I would like you to meet two of my new clients.. Dawn & Chris Bartolini. They melted over 220 lbs. of fat off collectively three years ago. And now, they have hired me to help them streamline their next level Transformation. ¬†Dawn and Chris are extremely busy with 2 children ( 3 counting Chris ūüėČ ), two dogs and two businesses. ¬†Creating a time efficient workout plan is vital.

Every week I am going to interview one of them on “lessons learned”. ¬† My goal is to inspire and inform you so that you may create your own workout, food and goal setting plan. And quite possibly, Transform yourself.

For “Lessons Learned” from week one watch the video below.. ¬†please hit us up below with any questions you may have..


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