Joe M.

Joe before
Joe after
  • Lost 36 lbs. of fat
  • Gained 6 lbs of muscle
  • Slashed his overall body fat % from 32.88 to 20.5
  • Melted 10 inches of fat off his stomach
  • Gained ½ an inch of muscle on each arm
“I am super busy with family and business. I never thought I had time to exercise. Darin’s Slow Go system changed all that for me. It worked so well for me, after I graduated from his program I trained myself and easily maintained my body. Darin’s program is a life-changer.”

 Emily S.

emily before
emily after
  •  Melted 26 lbs. of fat
  • Lost 7 ½ inches off her stomach
  • Gained 4 lbs. of muscle
 I never tried to lose fat by lifting weights. The concept was very intriguing to me. I am so glad I gave it a try. I am hooked for life.

Jason B.

Jason B before
Jason B After
  • Melted 26 lbs. of fat 
  • 5 inches off his stomach
  • Gained 9 lbs. of muscle, including ½ an inch on each arm

Darin’s unique methods fit into my crazy-busy schedule. I have so much more energy and self-confidence now. I never lifted weights before. If I can change my body, anyone can. Go for it!!

Wendy B.

wendy b before
wendy b after
  • Melted 30 lbs of fat
  • Lost 5 inches off her stomach and 4 inches off her hips
  • Gained 5 lbs of muscle

I feel like a totally new person with a new lease on life. I am proud of myself now and I feel like I am a much better mother and spouse. I am excited about my future.

Darin has worked with clients of every age, shape, and disability during his 18 years of being a personal trainer. His methods can be contoured to fit your unique needs.

So, are you ready to stop watching from the sidelines? Get in the game and Transform Your Self.

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