Easy Exercise Ideas For Morning Routine – Feel the Energy & Focus

Some of us don’t have enough time to go to the gym in the morning.

Or at least we do not have enough momentum to make the commitment to do so.

Here is a simple 4-5 minute routine to start your day off better.  I promise that within

3-4 days of utilizing these simple techniques you will have more energy … Read more

How Do You Heal Your Body When Your Spirit and Emotions have been Traumatized?

Is there a God?

What happens when we die?

Can our loved one’s spirits hang around and give us signs?

How do we get over trauma like rape and other extreme physical and emotional traumas imposed on us since infancy?

How do we get over the anger toward an ex after a traumatic divorce with children involved?

These questions and … Read more

Body Transformation Client Chris Works Out Less, Gains Muscle While Losing Fat.

In our 3’rd week of his 16 Week Transformation Program he gained 8 lbs. on the scale and melted exactly 1 full inch of fat off his stomach… All while eating more starchy carbs… & working out less… ¬†many of my clients use this same system without lifting … Read more