The Skinny on Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance simply means that the body is unable to properly digest the lactose in milk and products derived from milk. Lactose is responsible for giving milk a slight sweetness. The symptoms can be mild in some and more aggressive in others, depending on the level of deficiency the person is experiencing in an enzyme called lactase. Produced by the … Read more

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New Client Chris Bartolini Melts Over 1 Inch Of Fat Off Stomach – 16 Week Body / Life Transformation

I would like you to meet two of my new clients.. Dawn & Chris Bartolini. They melted over 220 lbs. of fat off collectively three years ago. And now, they have hired me to help them streamline their next level Transformation.  Dawn and Chris are extremely busy with 2 children ( 3 counting Chris 😉 ), two dogs and two … Read more

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Workout Routines for Weight Loss.

There are many different workout routines that aide in weight loss. A proven method for a weight loss workout is combining cardio and free weights. Using a treadmill for fat burning is recommended over an exercise bike or even an elliptical. However, if you are not planning on working out past your cardio machine, an elliptical would be recommended since … Read more

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Eating the Best Food for Weight Loss isn’t Always Easy

Often times you’ll find it is challenging to eat the Best Food for Weight Loss. Especially when you have healthy and unhealthy food at your finger tips. In your home, be sure to keep plenty of fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks in the front sections of your refrigerator and cabinets. This will be a continuous reminder of what your daily … Read more

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Best Back Exercises To Burn Fat, Build Muscle & Improve Posture

Hey Fellow Fitness Friend,

Talk to any orthopedic doctor and they will tell you that the %’s of neck, spine, hand and thumb issues, carpal tunnel has absolutely skyrocketed.  It is no mystery why.

We are so sedentary compared to even a few decades ago and our head is almost always drooped down looking at our computer, cell phones ( … Read more

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