Get Amazing Results by Learning From
Darin's 6-week Program Will Completely
Transform Your Body, and Your Life!
Daily Accountability
Get access to a private Facebook group for constant motivation, answers to all your questions from America's Top Trainer, and support from other people with similar goals. 
Custom Nutrition Plan
A flexible diet plan designed for YOUR body to achieve maximal fat loss.  No counting calories or macros.  You will be educated on basic knowledge necessary to eat correctly and have access to meal plans.
Award-Winning Program
You will learn an award-winning workout system that will force your body to gain muscle and lose fat at the same timewith only 3 to 5 short, safe, highly effective workouts per week.
After a long 6-month process, capped off by a grueling 48 hours full of tests, Arnold and a panel of judges picked me to be Arnold Schwarzenegger's America's Next Great Trainer at the Arnold Classic in 2015. 
I won this prestigious award at 48 years young because 
I have developed the most effective training program on the planet. 
I call it the Slow Go System. It's a great way to gain lean muscle, reignite the libido, and shed body fat.
Online health guru Dr. Joe Mercola retained me for an entire year to train him, his family, and his staff.

I can't divulge what he paid me, but it was A LOT more than a 1-time payment of $197.

Dr. Mercola is a good and smart man. He recognizes the 
importance of resistance training when it comes to staying 
physically and mentally healthy.

Here are a few of my clients that are happy to share their results

Anthony used my 6 Week Transformation program a few times over the course of a year to melt 15 inches of fat off his stomach.

Ken Barker melted over 8 inches of fat of his stomach utilizing two of my 6 Week Programs back to back. In the process, he got his entire family into working out and eating better.

"I melted 10 lbs. of fat off while gaining 2 lbs. of muscle all by working out less.  Darin's program is super personalized and you will love his unique exercise methods of lifting & lowering lighter weights with a slower rep speed. Safe and very effective." - Eugene Smith 

"I am so pumped about my new body! I gained 3/4 of an inch on my arms, melted 1 1/2 inches off my stomach, and have six pack abs for the first time in my life. All this while working out less and eating more. It was so easy having Darin by my side each day for inspiration, information, and accountability. I highly urge you to give this program a shot you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain."    

-Kit Taylor

"I have been working out for over 20 years. In utilizing Darin's 6 Week Transformation program twice I accomplished more in 12 weeks than I did in literally years in the past.  Who knew lifting lighter weights slower and more controlled could be this effective."  -  Mike Piltavere

"I was blown away with how easy this program was and how well it worked for me. I worked out less and ate more. It worked so well the first time ( lost 5 inches off my stomach ) that I did it a second time and lost another 4 inches.  I have many people telling me I look 10-15 years younger, which feels amazing. But even better than that is feeling 10-15 years younger! I have so much more natural energy. Now when I come home from work I want to play with my kids and do projects.  I even became a spin instructor to motivate others."   

-Danny Drougemueller

Below You Can Read--You Guessed It--More Awesome Client Success Stories    
You're Next!!!

When you're on the right road with the right directions you WILL arrive at your destination.

Did I leave out the fact that this program is yours to keep after the 
6 weeks!?

I always set my clients up for long-term success. In my 18 years of training that has been my Number 1 priority.

You get lifetime access to the Facebook group and the program. That way even after our 6 weeks together you can use this material to further your progress and rely on this supportive community.

There are limited spots available due to the personal customization involved in this transformation program. So if you want in at this price--invest now.     

You get all this when you join:
  •  Made For You Nutrition & Exercise Plan - Retails for  $150
  •  Access To Darin 24/7 in our interactive private FB group - Retails for $75
  •  Access to Darin's Exercise Library - Darin Demonstrating his 42 Most effective Exercises - Retails for $100
  •  Daily Accountability on your food and exercise plan inside our interactive private Facebook Group 
  •  Darin's Fee for Training in His Chicago Studio is $150 per hour; 
  • You will receive 3-4 hours of his professional skills and attention. Retails $450
  •  The retail value of what you are receiving is $775.  

  • You can get all this for just $197 today. Seize the opportunity and invest in a program that will actually work!
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